Dr. LaScala from Temperance, MI is a Doctor of Chiropractic and has been double BK (below the knee) amputee for 36 years.   He has found a successful way of alleviating the plague of phantom pain with Chiropractic care.   Dr. LaScala has developed techniques for treating the pain by aligning the spine and pelvis of amputees to better receive the prosthesis.

Spinal alignment is very important for an amputee because the misalignment can cause problems with the fit of a prosthesis.   For instance, if the hips are misaligned, the leg/legs can’t be measured correctly. If and when the body naturally corrects the problem, the prosthesis will suddenly feel like it isn’t fitting correctly causing pain.

The reactions and results are inspiring and patients are responding very well to the treatments used at Advantage Chiropractic.  If the spine is properly aligned the prosthesis will fit well, the patient will experience less pain and discomfort, and lead a more normal life.